A2 Milk in Glass Bottle
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“The A2 milk in Pune is one of the best milkers among indigenous cattle. Their Gir cow milk Pune is a world-renowned variety known for its tolerance to stress conditions.

Gir cows are red in color.Variants with different shades of red are also there. Their qualities include the capability of yielding more milk among Indigenous breeds of Cows with less feeding and immunity from various tropical illnesses. The animals typically have dome-shaped temples i.e. hump and large ears.

The recorded Average Milk production by Gir cow milk Pune is 2110 liter per lactation. In an organizedfarm, you can find animals that give milk as high as 5000 liters. The milk available as Raw A2 Milk and as Pasteurized A2 Milk.

A2 Milk in Pune is the best source of Calcium for stronger bones and healthy teeth. The milk can be received at your doorstep, within 12 hours of the milking process from the cow. What you get in your hand is pure, natural milk that can be used to prepare dairy by-products, such as curd, butter, and cream.

A2 Gir Cow Milk Pune Benefits:

For the best desi cow milk Pune, try out A2 milk which comes in a glass bottle and has the following benefits:

  1. Natural Source of Vitamin B-12 and Omega-6 Fatty Acid.
  2. Makes Body, Brain, and Heart healthy.
  3. Maintains Cholesterol Level.
  4. Improves the Digestive system.
  5. Increases the Immunity power of our body.
  6. Nutritious for children.

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