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Urban Farms Milk is the premium most natural A2 milk from single sourced Gir cow’s farm and advanced dairy farm equipped with the finest and most advanced technology for milking cows and processing milk. True to its name, Urban Farms is a highly equipped farm which makes gir cow milk products of international standard..

Here Is How We Are Genuine, Unique, And Different Than Rest Of The Farmers And Milk Producers.

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Established with a vision to deliver fresh cow’s A2 milk directly from our farm to your home. We use milk from a herd of Desi breed Gir cows and deliver it at your doorstep in tamper proof bottles. We promise to always provide you with fresh, natural and nutritious milk from our dairy farm to your home. We take great care of cows. We do so because we believe that happy cows produce better, healthier & wholesome milk. Using only best-in- class technology and a Desi breed of animals suited to Indian conditions, our dream is to produce natural fresh, pure A2 milk fulfilling international standards and guaranteeing the highest level of quality and purity. Our dream is to revolutionize the milk industry in India by providing a high-quality, hygienic and nutritious product as well as professional service to as many homes as we possibly can.

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Always Fresh

Milk delivers fresh daily by maintaining supply and cold chain management at 4°C. All process is Automated so hygienic. Its pure, natural & fresh milk.

100% Natural

Nothing is removed from milk and added to milk. Its natural in kind so pure that retain its nutritional value. It tastes sweet and Delicious.

Best Quality

We care our cows on high priority to keep them happy always. Automated milking and packaging makes our milk Premium quality and valuable Standards.

Complete Food For Family

We have Genuine breed of Desi Gir Cows on our farm. It naturally contains pure A2 protein which is easy to digest and colostrum so its like Mother's milk.

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Dairy Farm - You are always welcome on our farm where we follow all organic practices from growing of feed crops to production of Milk. You can experience a symbiosis of Organic nature and Modern technology here and how it serves you.

Best A2 Gir Cow's Milk Farm In Pune

Fresh Desi Cow Milk Home Delivery

Our priority is to keep our cows happy. Each cow is a special for us and so treated like. They have bedding material, shady green areas, pure water for drinking and graze in forest to feed on wild grass and herbs. Due to desi breed, it’s resistant to disease and tolerant to hot temperature and humidity. Because of such strong nature, they rarely fall ill and don’t need antibiotics, so gives milk which is antibiotic free. So these perfectly nurtured and pampered happy cows give creamier milk which tastes sweet and better.

Diet - Our cows get Balanced and nutritious natural diet as per requirement as per customized food plan by nutritionist. It consist of Maize, Sorghum, Lucerne, Oats, alfalfa, pennisetum, greens, soya and bran Napier, and other quality cereals, legumes, ingredients with updating of fresh seasonal crops and all crops grown by following organic practices.

  • Daily medical inspection as per routine.

Mechanized milking Parlor and strict process ensure hygienically procured fresh cow milk- Our 16 Point Mechanized Milking Parlor and detailed handling processes ensure that the milk is both hygienically and humanely procured. In fact, every cow goes through an electronic health check every time it is milked, to ensure that it at peak health, for milking.

instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Urban Farms Milk is instantly Pasteurized & Homogenized at a genuine temperature, so that we can retain its nutrition’s value

After pasteurization & Homogenization, it is being chilled, packaged in air-tight sterilized bottles and sent on its way to you in a process that has no human contact. This ensures that we maintain 100% purity as well as keep the taste and texture of the milk intact. The milk is 100% unadulterated and free of preservatives.

Delivery boys, on scooters delivers the milk perfectly chilled and fresh, to the doorsteps of families every morning before 8 am in insulated bags, keeping in mind that they count on us for the pure & fresh quality milk. (Temperature is maintained at 4° Celsius) with absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of milk intact.


Animal Welfare

Herd Management

Automated Milking

Milk Preservation

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Mr. Sunny Malik

I always brought A2 Gir cows milk and get fresh and quality milk by Urban Farms Milk. Thanks for giving us best. Satisfied.

Mrs. Murali

Got organic natural gir cows milk by urban farms milk. happy to brought milk from you.

Mrs Madhu Nighojkar

Very happy with the quality of milk and prompt service.

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