a2 milk in pune
a2 milk in pune

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pure desi cow milk
fresh a2 milk in pune
desi cow milk
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A2 Milk In Pune

Always Fresh

Milk delivers fresh daily by maintaining supply and cold chain management at 4°C. All process is Automated so hygienic. Its pure, natural & fresh milk.

100% Natural

Nothing is removed from milk and added to milk. Its natural in kind so pure that retain its nutritional value. It tastes sweet and Delicious.

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Best Quality

We care our cows on high priority to keep them happy always. Automated milking and packaging makes our milk Premium quality and valuable Standards.

Complete Food for Family

We have Genuine breed of Desi Gir Cows on our farm. It naturally contains pure A2 protein which is easy to digest and colostrum so its like Mother's milk.

Premium A2 Desi Cow Milk

premium a2 gir cow's milk



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Instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Urban Farms Milk.

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Desi Gir Cow Milk

A2 Fresh and pure Cow Milk Supplier in pune

Fresh Pure A2 Milk

  • Gir cow is a desi breed with Surya Ketu Vein, which forms gold salts in the milk.
  • It contains type A2- Beta Casein protein which is easy to digest and most beneficial for our health.
  • It contains high amount of Vitamin A.
  • Omega 3 which is helpful in cleansing of Cholesterol.
  • It prevents obesity, Thyroid, asthma, Migraine and bone joint pain problems.
  • It’s beneficial in Heart Problems, Diabetes and Cancer.
  • Plays vital role in muscle contraction and blood clotting.
  • It regulates blood pressure. It improves memory of children. Helps in Detoxification.
  • It contains colostrum like mother’s milk which is high in protein, antibodies content and medicinal properties to increase immune health of a baby.
  • A2 Milk is best source of Calcium for stronger bones and healthy teeth. It also contains Riboflavin i.e. Vitamin B2 which is helful in energy synthesis. Phosphorus helps in muscle and bone’s health as well as salt balance. Vitamin B12 – Plays important role in health of Nerve tissue and Red Blood Cells.
  • Premium A2 Milk in pune
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    A2 milk generally refers to a variety of cow’s milk that lacks β-casein proteins called A1, instead has the mostly A2 form. The milk is obtained from cows are feed with organic fodder grown on chemical-free soil. The milk is not injected with any kind of antibiotics and hormones. It qualifies as Pure Organic Milk.
    This milk is heavy with amino acids, which will fight with obesity, asthma, mental problems. Amino Fatty acid helps to improve body’s fitness and vitality.
    It depends on your area probably we deliver a2 milk in early morning.
    All process is Automated so hygienic. Its pure, natural & fresh milk. Nothing is removed from milk and added to milk
    Yes, it contains lactose due to this easy to digest.
    Yes,Compared to being as healthy as a mother’s milk, the A2 milk contributes equally in building immunity.
    A2 milk in Pune

    Fresh Pure A2 Milk

    When you start and end your day with a glass of milk, it should be pure and fresh! All day long, switch to nutritious goodness for greater health, nutrition, and energy. Every sip of Urban farm’s A2 milk in Pune comes from our family farm. Every morning, you'll get pure, unadulterated, and nutritious milk. With a subscription, you may discover the remarkable A2 milk advantages that will delight your entire family!

    In Pune, are you looking for pure and natural Desi Cow Ghee? When it comes to making delectable desserts or sprinkling ghee on your roti's, don't compromise on quality and flavour. Choose desi ghee from Urban Farms instead. It's made the ancient way, by hand, with no machines or chemicals, just plenty of love and goodness.

    Gir Cow

    The main characteristic of Gir Cow is its hump. The Hump of this breed is a carrier of special veins referred to by the name of " Surya Ketu Nadi". The purpose of this particular vein is to handle energy from Sun Rays, Moon, and other luminous bodies. The energy is then reabsorbed into the Milk.

    It is one of the most nutritious foods that is loaded with protein, minerals, and healthy Fats along with Vitamins. The ingredients that make Gir cow A2 milk are so adaptable and high in vitamins that drinking milk is a great way to compensate for the nutritional deficiencies in balanced eating habits.

    Gir Cow ghee benefits

    • It is a source of Butyric acid which can slow down the development in cancer as well as other viral illnesses.
    • It is a source of essential amino acids that our body cannot create by itself. This assists in protein synthesis and makes it easy to digest.
    • It's a rich source of anti-inflammatory components that can reduce burning sensations throughout the body.
    • Ghee is a healthier alternative for those lactose intolerant
    • It lubricates joints, increases bone health, and aids in the development of strong bones.
    • consumption of desi ghee Gir cow's A2 milk helps to heal general weakness
    • It is loaded with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which stop muscles from being damaged and speeds up recovery.
    • The daily consumption of ghee cleanses the body and aids in rejuvenating the body from within.
    • t lowers bad cholesterol and improves circulation.
    • Highly recommended to those suffering from fistulas, and fisher.
    • It improves the energy level as well as vitality and strength.
    • Joint Pain/Arthritis Mix 10 grams of desi ghee into warm turmeric milk. Consume every day, drinking it in a sitting posture.
    • Sinus/Asthma/Snoring/Respiratory Diseases: Warm up desi ghee and pour 2 drops in each nostril with a dropper.
    • Lighting Desi Ghee's DIYa daily cleans and enhances ambience and makes the space pleasant and relaxing.
    • It's got Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which helps slow the progression of heart attacks.

    A2 milk in Pune

    Enjoy a delicious breakfast and enjoy a delicious breakfast Urban farms' A2 Desi Cow Milk. It's delicious, nutritious with the purity nature wanted. Feel the difference in A2 milk. You'll definitely not ever go back to another milk. A2 Milk has ample Omega-3 fats that are great for health and wellbeing and well-being of family members. It is actually comparable to human milk and , therefore, is good for us. Desi/Gir cow's dairy only makes A2 Protein, which is very easy to digest too!

    Gir cow ghee in pune

    Produced using 100 percent Desi Cow Milk from cows that are indigenous The Desi Cow Ghee provides dollops of pure deliciousness. It is made using traditional Vedic hand-churning techniques with no chemicals.

    Our handcrafted Ghee is influenced by the Bilona method described within the Vedic texts, and results in the highest quality Ghee throughout the day. Don't overlook this Superfood! Include it in your daily diet and reap its many advantages!

    Why Choose Us

    Urban farms assure you that you will receive the purest A2 milk in Pune and gir cow ghee in Pune produced by the finest Indian cattle breed. The milk produced at our farm is sold raw i.e. it's not pasteurized because pasteurization destroys all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that were originally present within the milk. It also kills healthy enzymes that aid our body to digest milk. Consuming it without enzymes could cause lactose intolerance. We also offer the best paneer in pune and best buffalo milk in Pune

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    Mr. Sunny Malik
    I always brought A2 Gir cows milk and get fresh and quality milk by Urban Farms Milk. Thanks for giving us best. Satisfied.
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    Got organic natural gir cows milk by urban farms milk. happy to brought milk from you.
    Mrs Madhu Nighojkar
    Very happy with the quality of milk and prompt service.
    Akash Zadpe
    Fresh a2 milk delivered by urban farms milk. Thank You
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