Top 10 reason why we choose A2 milk in glass bottle - Urban Farms Milk Provide Pure A2 milk In Glass Bottle

Many of milk delivery brands in pune providing Gir cow milk at home which are packed in either Polythene or plastic bottle but nowadays everyone knows effects of milk packing in plastic bottle or polythene bags. Therefore URBAN FARMS MILK is one of the best and popular a2 milk supplier in pune city, who provides fresh and pure a2 milk from farm to your home.

Here some reasons for choosing proper a2 milk supplier near you:

a. Gir cow breed- Indian Gir cow has a desi breed with Surya Ketu Vein, which forms gold salts in the milk that brings better taste in a2 milk.

b. It contains high A2-Beta Casein protein which is easy to digest and most beneficial for human health.

c. Pure A2 milk contain high amount of Vitamin A, which has most valuable factor of A2 milk.

d. Fresh A2 milk prevents Obesity, Thyroid, Asthma, Migraine and Bone Joint Pain Problems, these problems are nearly cure by contents of A2 milk of Indian Gir Cow. It is very beneficial for Heart problems, Diabetes and Cancer.

e. Omega 3 which is helpful in cleansing of cholesterol.

f. A2 milk of desi Gir cow plays vital role in Muscle contraction and Blood clotting.

g. It regulates blood pressure, also it improves memory of children.

h. The factor of A2 milk of Indian Gir cow helps in Detoxification.

i. Desi Gir cows A2 milk contains colostrum like mother’s milk which is high in protein, antibodies content and medicinal properties to increase immune health of a baby.

j. A2 milk is best source of Calcium for stronger bones and healthy teeth. It also contains Riboflavin i.e. Vitamin B2 which is helpful in energy synthesis. Phosphorus helps in muscle and bone’s health as well as salt balance. Vitamin B12 – plays important role in health of Nerve tissue and Red Blood Cells.

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Shubham Wairale

Instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Urban Farms Milk. Daily Fresh Home Delivery Premium Pure A2 Milk Supplier in Pune Providing a high-quality, hygienic and nutritious product

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