Why You Need To Switch to A2 Milk

You've been drinking milk in your breakfast smoothie, cereal or latte But how confident was you that it could not have been the greatest thing you could have ever had. Are you sure it is organic enough? Was it ethically sourced? Does it have the proper protein? Many of these concerns have led to these and other issues have fueled the A2 milk trend, in which increasingly more eco-friendly and ethically-minded young people are changing towards A2 milk. Here are some reasons to consider.

Easy Digestion

Do you have a problem with milk? We get it. If you are having trouble digesting milk and haven't had many results with lactose-free milk or A2 milk, then this is the right choice for you. It's more digestible and thus helps to avoid gastric pain, abdominal pain, and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.


Switch to a different brand, as it's the right best option! If you prefer family-run local, locally-sourced hormone-free, and antibiotic-free dairy products that are pasture-raised--which we believe that all milk drinkers should, there's a great possibility that your milk could have been part of A2 or the A2 movement. Protein Punch

Each glass of A2 milk is said to contain 8 grams of protein. If you're an intense fitness enthusiast who constantly stocks up on a variety of protein shakes switching to A2 milk is the best choice.

Healthy Bones

Health experts suggest getting enough calcium to avoid osteoporosis and fractures of bones. The calcium-rich A2 milk is an amazing source of nutrients to build strong teeth and bones, as well as muscle movement along with nerve impulses.


A2 milk does not only prove to be a healthy source of carbohydrates, it is also packed with minerals and essentials including A, B2, and B3. B3 and B12, as well as D, E K, magnesium potassium, phosphorus, and selenium. For those who are counting calories, you can opt for low-fat A2 milk.

As Desi As It Gets!

You read it exactly. A2 milk is produced by the people of India and is found in across the majority of the country. A few villages still rely on the income generated by the milk of desi cows which is the ongoing effort that the milk revolution A2 is working to help bring those communities into the forefront of this revolution.

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