Gir Cow Milk Pune

Gir Cow Milk Pune

In India milk is considered to be an important source for transferring protiens into your body. Therefore, milk is an essential part of our morning breakfast. Morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as Milk is nutritious in nature, we Indians prefer taking it in breakfast.

Urban Farms is offering the best Gir Cow Milk in Pune. Gir Cow is a breed of cattle that originated in India. They are also known as desi cows. The Gir Cows produce an especially rich type of milk that has been used to make some delicious dairy products over the years.

Urban farms deliver this desi cow milk in Pune. Urban farms were founded in the year 2010 to offer the best quality of desi cow milk in Pune. We have our own farm from where we deliver the fresh gir cow milk in Pune.

Why Choose Urban Farms For Desi Cow Milk In Pune?

  • Our milk is sourced from cows that have been tested for A1 beta-casein protein - which means they produce only the A2 type of beta casein protein found in human breast milk.
  • We deliver it right at your doorstep, so you don’t have to go out of your way to get it!
  • The production process is carefully monitored by our team, ensuring that all parameters are considered when producing this milk. You can be sure that what you're drinking is safe and healthy!
  • Our desi cow milk in Pune is safe for consumption by all age groups.
  • Our cows are fed with nutritious foods so that they provide us with rich nutrients full of nutrition milk which is good for our body as well as mind!

Always Fresh

Milk delivers fresh daily by maintaining supply and cold chain management at 4°C. All process is Automated so hygienic. Its pure, natural & fresh milk.

100% Natural

Nothing is removed from milk and added to milk. Its natural in kind so pure that retain its nutritional value. It tastes sweet and Delicious.

Urban Farms All Feature Product

Best Quality

We care our cows on high priority to keep them happy always. Automated milking and packaging makes our milk Premium quality and valuable Standards.

Complete Food for Family

We have Genuine breed of Desi Gir Cows on our farm. It naturally contains pure A2 protein which is easy to digest and colostrum so its like Mother's milk.

Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

Premium A2 Desi Cow Milk

premium gir cow's milk



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5 star

Instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Urban Farms Milk.

  • Gir Cow Milk has lower fat content than regular cow milk which can help in weight loss
  • Gir Cow Milk is lactose-free, which makes it great for those with lactose intolerance
  • Gir Cow Milk contains more calcium than most other dairy products
  • The flavour of Gir cow milk is milder and sweeter than that of regular cow milk
  • Drinking Gir Cow Milk can benefit you in so many ways. So, without waiting for a moment, place your order now with Urban farms.

    To Place your order for Gir Cow Milk in Pune, all you need to do is fill a contact form, and our representative will get in touch with you. You can also call us at the number mentioned in the contact us page.

Order Gir Cow Milk

Desi Gir Cow Milk

A2 Fresh and pure Cow Milk Supplier in pune

Fresh Pure Desi Gir Cow Milk

  • Gir cow is a desi breed with Surya Ketu Vein, which forms gold salts in the milk.
  • It contains type A2- Beta Casein protein which is easy to digest and most beneficial for our health.
  • It contains high amount of Vitamin A.
  • Omega 3 which is helpful in cleansing of Cholesterol.
  • It prevents obesity, Thyroid, asthma, Migraine and bone joint pain problems.
  • It’s beneficial in Heart Problems, Diabetes and Cancer.
  • Plays vital role in muscle contraction and blood clotting.
  • It regulates blood pressure. It improves memory of children. Helps in Detoxification.
  • It contains colostrum like mother’s milk which is high in protein, antibodies content and medicinal properties to increase immune health of a baby.
  • A2 Milk is best source of Calcium for stronger bones and healthy teeth. It also contains Riboflavin i.e. Vitamin B2 which is helful in energy synthesis. Phosphorus helps in muscle and bone’s health as well as salt balance. Vitamin B12 – Plays important role in health of Nerve tissue and Red Blood Cells.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    A2 is the original protein present in a cow since the beginning. A2 is the purest form of milk produced by cows who are loved, nurtured, and taken care of. Cows are given fresh fodder, clean water and kept in a happy environment. As a result, the milk is purer and nutritious. The urban farm is offering A2 milk in Pune. We are delivering pure A2 milk in Pune directly from our farm. To place your order, you can contact us @9011688811
    Consuming A2 cow milk provides different benefits to your body like: Helps in digestion It helps to make your bones strong Every glass of A2 milk contains 8 grams of proteins A2 milk has got 9 essential vitamins and minerals It is Free of Hormones and Antibiotics Urban Farms is offering pure and fresh A2 milk in Pune. To place your order, you can contact us at
    Milk is the most important element of our diet which helps in providing proper nutrition and calcium to our body. Urban Farms is offering A2 milk in Pune. Our A2 cow milk in Pune contains all the nutrients required by your body, which helps keep your body fit and healthy. To order A2 cow milk in Pune, you can contact us @9011688811, or you can fill the contact form, and our team will get in touch with you.
    A2 milk helps in increasing your immunity. However, according to a study it is found that A1 milk can negatively affect the immune hormonal system, and contribute to type 1 diabetes or heart disease. A2 milk helps in digestion. Publish research has suggested that some people may avoid stomach discomfort when they drink milk with only the A2 protein.
    Urban Farms is offering 2 packages, 500gms and 1 litre. 500 grams packaging is offered for raw milk and 1 liter packaging is offered for pressurised milk. Contact us @9011688811 for more details.
    You can place your order with Urban Farms by contacting us @9011688811, you can fill the contact form or email us your query at, and one of the representatives will get in touch with you.
    90% of our deliveries are made in east Pune. To inquire about your area, you can contact us @9011688811
    Raw A2 milk is to be boiled before consumption, and pasteurized A2 milk can be consumed directly.
    Urban Farms is offering A2 milk and other A2 products which are directly delivered from their farm. We have our cows which are taken care with love and provided nutritious food. Our A2 products are fresh and pure, and high in nutrition

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    Mr. Sunny Malik
    I always brought A2 Gir cows milk and get fresh and quality milk by Urban Farms Milk. Thanks for giving us best. Satisfied.
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    Got organic natural gir cows milk by urban farms milk. happy to brought milk from you.
    Mrs Madhu Nighojkar
    Very happy with the quality of milk and prompt service.
    Akash Zadpe
    Fresh a2 milk delivered by urban farms milk. Thank You
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